• People Are More Important Than Hardware

    I have thousands of hours of working with corporate, nonprofit and government groups. Together we design and develop the best solution to assist you and your team in achieving high team morale and greater productivity. On this day, I worked with over 300 USAA employees.
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  • Military to Civilian Life

    So it should come as no surprise to you that we share a strong and lifelong bond based on the military experiences and values we have in common. I understand that bond better than anyone. I have built a network of veterans who deepen and strengthen that bond day in and day out. A personal and professional network comprised of retired officers and noncommissioned officers who dedicate themselves as advocates for those who are currently serving in our military, all those who have honorably served in the past and their families.
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It’s About The People Around Me

  • The only reason I’m here today is that multiple individuals have supported me, nurtured me, and cultivated me as I became the leader I am today. I am not a one-person show and in any environment, it’s rare if a single individual drives his or her own personal success. I’ve learned that I’m only as good as the people who are around me.

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Team Building



  • image Breaking Down Walls is a nonprofit organization founded by Mr. and Mrs. Lenny Walls, providing San Antonio youth affordable sports learning programs. They're mission is to use the power of sports to positively impact children and influence a healthy mind, body, and soul. They are dedicated to providing today's youth an opportunity to achieve greatness, whether measuring bottom line impact through friendly fitness competition, health education, or emotional appeals. Read More

    Breaking Down Walls Foundation

  • image Cortland Partners are passionate about cultivating profitable communities that bring value to its company and the lives of the people who call their communities home. Cortland’s collective experience stretches beyond 85,000 living spaces and $8 billion in real estate activity. Read More

    Courtland Partners

  • image The first African American woman to serve as Mayor of San Antonio. Also, San Antonio is the largest city in the United States to have an African American woman serving as mayor. Read More

    Mayor Ivy Taylor

  • image At City Year, they're working to bridge the gap in high-poverty communities between the support that students actually need, and what their schools are designed and resourced to provide. In doing so, they're helping to increase graduation rates across the country, and changing the lives of the students they serve. Read More

    City Year

  • image Nationally, USAA offers support for military caregivers and families of the fallen and wounded; financial readiness for service members, their spouses and their children; and fulfilling careers for veterans and military spouses. Read More


  • image The Transition Assistance program assist in the transition from military to civilian life and is important for every service member separating or retiring from the military to take full advantage of the services offered. Read More

    JBSA - Transition Assistance Program

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Develop an organizational culture that fosters teamwork, communication, and achievement.


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